Sunday, July 29, 2007

Very Rough Estimations of Capacity

Based on some news searches, I've come up with some rough estimates of upcoming solar capacity.

Feel free to correct me if you have corrections or additions.

Note: This list includes only public companies listed on American Exchanges. It does not include any of the numerous foreign public companies, and no private manufacturers.

This also only includes PV annual capacity, and do not include other solar technologies like Solar Concentration or Direct Heating systems.

LDK 1,600 MW End 2009 Reference

SPWR 400 MW End 2009 Reference

JASO 175 MW Unknown Reference

FSLR 275 MW FY08 Reference

ESLR 100 MW End 2007 Reference

KYO 500 MW End March 2011 Reference

STP 1 GW End of 2010 Reference

SOLF 50 MW Current Reference

CSIQ 250 MW Nov 2007 Reference

I'd put a rough total on this as 3.75 Annual GW by the end of 2010.

Let's look for more capacity in private or foreign companies:

Sharp 600 MW Current Reference

Ovonic 300 MW 2008 Reference

Shell 25 MW Current Reference

E-Ton 260 MW End 2008 Reference

Honda 27.5 MW End 2007 Reference

Mitsubishi 230 MW Current Reference

Aleo 10 MW Current Reference

Equation 60 MW 2010 Reference

Photowatt 60 MW Current Reference

PowerFilm 24 MW 2010 Reference

Nevada One Concentrator 64 MW Current Reference

Add these up for 1.66 Additional Annual GW by the end of 2010.

So, the total is 5.41 Annual GW Capacity by 2010.

Note: This is very rough.

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