Saturday, July 7, 2007

On Live Earth and Activism.

SYDNEY, Australia — Live Earth got a traditional Aboriginal welcome in Australia and a high-tech virtual one in Japan, as the 24-hour global concert series to raise awareness about climate change kicked off Saturday.

Al Gore made appearances at both _ as a hologram in Tokyo and via live video link with Sydney _ urging rock fans to join the fight against global warming.

Sounds like a good start. Also sounds like they might still be able to do something in Washington DC.

I'm recording what I can of it, as I'll not be around tomorrow, and there's always online options (

As for those who are scoffing at the concept of "celebs" flying around the world, using fossil energy, and blasting away with stacks of speakers, again using fossil energy, and suggesting that this in some way invalidates the point of the concerts; I'd just like to point out that the other option is to do nothing at all.

Any action requires energy.

Action on a Global Scale, which Live Earth represents, requires a large amount of energy.

The vast majority of the energy supply on Earth is Fossil-based. Therefore, in order to take any action at all requires Carbon Emission.

So, if action is required to move the World Economy towards Carbon Neutrality, and yet action is not allowed simply because it causes Carbon Emmissions, then there can be no transition at all towards a Carbon-Neutral Economy, and so we settle for a future devoid of alternatives to Fossil Energy.

Bonus Info: Solar Web Hosting Company Powers Live Earth Sites

Double Bonus: Gore Brings Surprise Live Earth Concert to Washington

Triple Bonus: Garth Brooks will be at the Washington show. Now, last I checked, Mr. Brooks and the majority of his fans are not Moveon Liberals.

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