Sunday, July 8, 2007 article on Investing

Gore gets the green, so can you

The article contains some good bits of info.

One particular point from the article:

"He (Robert Wilder, cofounder of the WilderHill Clean Energy Index) has few positive things to say about the prospects for fuel cells and hydrogen power, which he says have been grossly over-hyped over the years. He's also skeptical about the environmental benefits of ethanol."

I'd just point out that I agree here, thus my focus on solar investing for the time being).

On the other hand, in a Live Earth Interview (linked on a previous post), Gore states that he believes that cellulosic ethanol techniques are on the way within three years, and that the current infrastructure that's being built is welcome (paraphrased). So, it will definately be worth watching for biotech IPO's that will be providing these technologies.

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