Monday, January 7, 2008

Just a thought...

The market appears to be crashing, the "Solar bubble is popping," and LDK and its supporters are suffering*.

Let's see, LDK was at $70 just a couple of weeks ago.

Is Solar dead? Not a chance.

The articles about global warming, peak oil, and general energy woes will keep being written about in news and popular media (around the World). The special TV episodes on Global Warming and green tech will continue to be produced. Commercials of numerous products will have images of solar and greentech, because it's cool, and it feels good to think that something could be done better, and cleaner. The Olympics will be very big. States, cities and towns in the US, and Nations elsewhere will make the news with new energy programs. I could go on for chapters.

Solar is alive and well. Don't forget so easily.

So, right now it feels like we're losing. Like we're being screwed by forces outside of our control. There's Alpha telling us why it can't be done**.

The fact is that we're in good shape.

There are forces arrayed against LDK and Solar. They are perfectly aware that the market for Solar Energy is incredible over the next many years.

They're stuck.

I can put all of my wealth into a Solar Stock. I don't even have to set a limit order. Boom. No change in the price.

The big money can't do that. If a big fish wants to invest a sizable chunk of money into a little Solar company, they move the price and every extra share costs more and more money. The last thing they want to do is actually express or demonstrate interest.

But, they must have a stake in future energy, and there is some indication that LDK is set to be a major player.

The floats are so small. Solar is HOT! It doesn't take too many big buys to take up the price. Eventually competition for LDK will come into play, and then the lid is off.

Maybe it won't happen tomorrow, but two years is an incredible stretch. They all have to worry constantly that one of their peers will buy in and jack up the price before they can.

Just a thought...

*The market as a whole is sucking. It's manufactured. It's not like the big sellers aren't aware that they're bringing the price down by their action. It's not just LDK that's have a rough year (a week, that's nothin').

**Alpha is a shill for "Big Fossil" I'm convinced. In Politics he would be considered a "Concern Troll."

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