Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Even in a recession money is going to look for value... A thought today.

So you think that in a recession there's no money to be made?

I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong, tell me why.

The money supply is bigger than ever, and that money has got to find a home where it can grow. Are the controllers of that money going to set it all in bonds, or whatever, that won't even keep up with inflation over the next few years?

Sure, some of it will go there, but if I understand right, the more money that goes into bonds, the less yield that those bonds produce.

Energy is at the root of economic activity. Sure, maybe overall demand for energy will decrease in a recession, but those with money will find themselves willing to pay whatever it takes to keep the power flowing.

LDK is in a golden position in the industry. Their poly plans put them at a key niche in the industry as suppliers of wafers to a large section of the booming Chinese Solar industry.

They are a gem, and will do well over the next few years.

WS lies because they depend on suckers to lose money so that the liers can take it away from them. Don't trust WS. Do your own DD and in the long term (if you're correct) you will benefit. WS traders have no will of their own, they follow profits. If you know that profits are on the way, then you can bet that WS money will follow.

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