Thursday, June 21, 2007

On the Senate Energy Bill

Republicans blocked a $32 billion tax package to boost energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, refusing to go along with $29 billion in taxes on the oil industry to pay for it. Republicans also refused to allow a vote on a measure that would have required electric utilities to produce at least 15 percent of their power from wind, biomass or other renewable energy sources.

Ok, so this was the big one, and who really thought it would get through, anyway. It'll have to wait till after the next election, I think.

I do approve of the rest of the bill, and look forward to having the President veto it. Seriously. If the House and Senate can get it to his desk, I really hope that it's strong enough that he'll have to make an issue of it with a veto. Once again he and his cronies will be shown as acting directly counter to the national interest.

Give me a break. Pulling $29 Billion out of oil, and getting shut down by some "bought and payed for" Republicans? $29 Billion dollars over a period of time when Big Oil will make a Trillion Dollars?

Well, I'm looking at this bill and seeing it as helpful when I expected nothing at all. I see the growth around me, and I know that the market is working. Yes, we need Federal support, but for now we have rapidly growing levels of State support, and growing public interest. In any case the manufacturing capacity that's been ordered up this year and last by the various IPOs isn't quite ready for full production, anyway.

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