Thursday, June 21, 2007

China passes US as leading Carbon Emitter.

China building more power plants

China is now building about two power stations every week, the top climate change official at the UK Foreign Office, John Ashton, has said.

He said there was no point blaming China for rising global CO2 emissions.

Rich nations had to set an example of low-carbon development for China to follow, Mr Ashton told the BBC.

His statement came as a new report suggested that China may have already become the world's biggest polluter - much earlier than expected.

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency said China's CO2 emissions had risen by 9% last year, compared with 1.4% in the US.


I have to agree somewhat that we need to lead the way. As mentioned in the article, "All we've done is export a great slice of the West's carbon footprint to China." We've moved our manufactuing to China, with no environmental strings, and with cheap products we get massive CO2 output.

What can we do? Well, obviously we need to do everything that we can to energize ourselves using clean energy. Solar modules will come down in price as manufacturing comes online, and we'll take advantage of that. We'll take advantage of the personal energies of the many many Americans involved in the movement, and we'll support our homegrown industries so that we'll have a place in tomorrow's energy marketplace.

In the end, if we play our cards right, we'll be selling future energy technologies not only to China, but to SE Asia, India, and Africa. When Americans recognize the possibilities then they'll work for it with enthusiasm.

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