Thursday, July 17, 2008

Note to Cox - Don't Do It.

"``Without a market-maker exemption, I could see this having a profoundly negative impact on the liquidity that would be provided in stock and derivatives,'' said Steve Sosnick, an equity risk manager in Greenwich, Connecticut, for Timber Hill LLC, one of the largest options market makers in the U.S. "

SEC Poised to Exempt Market-Makers From `Naked-Short' Sale Ban

Yeah, now what is he talking about when he talks about liquidity? He's talking about the fact that if this goes through, there might not actually be enough shares of stock to go around. You know what that means folks? It means that prices go up.

That would be TERRIBLE!! Imagine all of those 401k's with their suddenly more valuable shares of stock. JUST IMAGINE!

EDIT: He did it.

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