Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Misdirection and lies from Barrons - Naked Short Selling.

Barrons on SEC and Short Selling.

Here's an article on Short Selling from the Magazine that added gasoline to the Fire brought to LDK by Charlie Situ.

This is the Magazine that implied that LDK was the next Enron; the same Magazine that put their readers deep underwater in a short position against LDK of Gigantic Proportions.

They consistantly merge "Short Selling" with "Naked Short Selling," to confuse the uninformed reader, and to preemptively counter the SEC's new regulations on Naked Short Selling. If you read enough Wall Street Media articles on this issue you'll see the same thing, over and over. Liers, one and all.

Check out the following statement from Barrons: "Short-sellers read Barron's with special interest, and they also make good sources of information that our reporters can check and publish if true." LOL! I must say, it would better for everyone involved if Barrons actually had checked their facts on LDK prior to sending Waves of Short Attackers after the Company. Hell, even after LDK has been cleared of the charges, I've not sen any indication that Barrons has acted to correct the record.

Barrons has no credibility; they are the FOX News of Investment Media.

Their commercial states that the average portfolio of Barrons Readers is 3.2 Million Dollars. I'll be interested in seeing the updated stats when LDK and Chinese Solar squeezes them the hell out.

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