Monday, August 6, 2007

House passes Energy Bill. Go Go Go!

Get this Energy Bill through the Senate and onto the President's Desk for a veto. Let that dumbshit explain just why he's going to hold up progress on American Energy Development. Let him explain why pulling those tax-cuts from Big Oil are going to force these companies to raise prices (they'll still be making large profits without the incentives). Let that shithead explain why he consistantly acts in greater support of Saudi, Iranian, and Venezuelan interests than in the interests of the United States of America.

I'm sorry, this blog is not where I plan to be political, but this joker running the show right now in the whitehouse makes me fucking sick.

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Anonymous said...

While debating the bill this weekend, GOP Congressman Joe Barton of Texas said (on the floor of the house) there was no point in passing the bill since W. was going to veto it. So we are now at the point where the Republican party doesnt even want anything considered until Bush approves it.

D Pickard said...

Actually, that's how they've been running the show since '02. The President's people have pretty much been writing the bills and passing them down to Congress to send back.