Saturday, August 23, 2008

Must See Video - Peak Oil -

This is a great video, and there are many other videos on the same site.

Please take a few minutes and watch it.

My thoughts in brief:

So far, the market itself is doing a shitty job of preparing us for the physical realities that we're about to face. Entrenched Energy interests are suppressing potential competitors (Solar, Wind, etc.) in various ways (both in the Private Sector and in Government). The valuations assigned to things by the market, as dependent on the decisions of its participants; is dependent on the level of information had by those participants. Americans are NOT informed on Energy Issues, and particularly they're not informed on just how critical these issues are in comparison to just about every other issue.

I'd like to see the market do the trick here, and in some way's it is getting started, but its opponents have an incredible amount of power to manipulate the Markets. At the very least, I think they're waiting till November before accepting the fact that things are changing, and the time for massive investment has arrived.

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heymarlene said...

Hey there!
Can't seem to watch more than a few seconds/minutes of each chapter ( the end of Got to minute 15 on chapter 17 then it just stops. Any ideas?

D Pickard said...

Just keep trying. His bandwidth might be full up, since he just posted the new one, and it's probably going around the web furiously.