Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Market tanks, oil blamed. Time to ponder.

Stocks stumble on record oil, inflation worries

It's a day like this when investors and market watchers are reminded of the importance of affordable energy to their future. It's not a bad thing to be reminded of.

Oddly enough, Solar was mixed (See below).

A basic Reminder: when we think "Inflation," we must think "Energy Supply." When we think "Energy Supply," we must not just think "Oil," but also "Coal." Both of these primary sources of Energy are at risk of runaway prices. Therefore, when we think of either of these two forms of Fossil Energy, we must think of the "competition." This should lead us right to "Solar," "Wind," and "Geothermal." We need to stop thinking about Energy only in terms of "Burning Things."

Energy is Conserved, and energy from Fossils is ultimately the same as Energy from the Sun, or the Wind. Yes, the form is different, and the technology required to make use of the different forms of Energy are different, but given that one form of energy is increasing in scarcity, it is incumbent on those who have concern for the Economy to develop additional sources of available Energy. There is simply no choice in the matter. There is no Economy without Energy.

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