Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Why am I Here:

The Problems:

1. Global Warming. It is real, and the solution must start now with the efforts of all available economic participants. Climate Change spanning even just the next few human lifespans stands to create intra- and international pressures which place at risk the modern World Economy. Large scale integration of environmental refugees cannot be resolved without the most powerful, and prepared of Economies.

2. It is simple physical fact that there is No Economy without Energy. The vast American and World Economies of today are totally dependent on a steady supply of energy to produce and transport a staggering quantity of goods. Without a substantial domestic energy supply, the economic capacity of The United States, and thus the world, is at risk.

3. As there is no economy without Energy, also, there is also no National Security without a Robust Domestic Energy Capacity. Wars cannot be fought without a Strong Domestic Economy to provide for the troops. In addition, America's addiction to Foreign Oil risks forcing us to become militarily involved in conflicts that are otherwise best avoided. No military can long remain strong when forced by Basic Economic Necessity to intervene in, or to manufacture external conflicts for purposes of assuring a long-term supply of Energy.

4. America's Oil Demand directly contradicts its best interest by providing a ready source of funding to any nation which is able to bring Oil to the Market. This dependence forces America into a position of diplomatic weakness on the world scene. This relationship also serves to assure a steady flow of America Dollars to nations such as Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. These nations do not have America's Best Interest in mind, yet leadership of these nations have undue influence on American Foreign Policy due to their possession of needed energy resources.

The Solutions:

Fossil Fuels are incredibly diverse in their capacity to provide energy resources to suit any need. They will not be replaced by one or two technologies or products. The transition away from these Energy Sources will require a broad array of solutions, depending on the particular niche in question.

Solar Energy fills one of those niches, and has many unique advantages, of which a few follow:

1. Solar energy allows for decentralized energy production. Not only is this advantageous in terms of national security, but it provides for a tremendous potential world market, where rural, off-grid energy sources are a viable alternative to Fossil Energy Importation, or to expensive long-distance hook-ups to centralized power sources.

2. Solar Technologies have proven effective and reliable over many years. Photovoltaic Panels have very long lifespans, and the energy payoff over the panel's lifespan is significant.

3. Solar Panels scale well to residential applications. Given a condusive market, homeowners and developers will have a new opportunity to add value to their investments in real-estate, while at the same time supporting the reduction of the nation's Carbon Footprint. America's recently booming Housing Market would be well served by a new way to add value to existing investments.

It is my firm belief that America, and the strength of the American Economy, stands to benefit greatly by understanding and acknowledging the problems at hand, and as has been done in other cases, by stepping up to find the solutions through dedication to Innovation and Hard Work.

The question is not whether we can do it, but whether we will choose to do it.

It should also be noted that several influencial players in the rest of the world are not waiting for the United States to make a move. If America does not Innovate, then others will, and those others will gain the benefit of that Effort.

So, what is AmericanSolarEconomy about?

Simple. I am working to provide a repository for information related to America's growing Solar and Alt-Energy Economy. A large part of this is in the news of the day, where we see evidence on a daily basis of Individuals, Corporations, and Governments that are standing up and taking action. I am also working to support the case and the industry through selected links to a broad range of informational resources throughout the web.

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