Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CC Tidbit - GT Solar, LDK.

From the GT Solar Conference Call:

Jessie Pichel:

Question: And can you give us what efficiency you're targeting for multi?
Answer: we're looking get at least a percent at over what we're seeing today.

Question: And are you seeing at all, given the wider availability of poly, an increased focus on mono vs multi? Is that affecting your business?
Answer: Actually we're kinda seeing some of it go the other way, with virgin poly in our machines, some of our customers are seeing some pretty nice increases in conversion efficiency, and they're moving to run more multi than mono.


So, GT has turned this one around on Jessie. LDK is primarily a Multicrystalline shop, whereas a company like Renesola focuses on Mono. This point goes to LDK.

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