Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breaking News. LDK / QCells Joint Venture Approved by German Regulators.

A few weeks ago it was reported that LDK and QCells had registered with German Regulators in order to win approval for a Joint Venture between the two companies. It's not clear exactly what the focus of the agreement entails, but we could hear more about it soon. Per Bloomberg, the companies would recieve notification of a decision by the regulator after one month. The Regulator's website dates the request as 3/10/09.

Looking at the Regulator's Site today, I asked a German Coworker to tell me about who the Regulator was, and he responded "Bundeskartellamt is the German cartell office/antitrust agency. And ist says that the Bundeskartellamt has approved the joint venture between LDK and QCells."

There seems to be confirmation from the board that this is exactly right!

So, it appears that the LDK / QCells deal IS APPROVED by German Regulators.

Now, we wait for more info on exactly what the plan is. Rumor has it that it involves Solar Power Installs, with LDK as the Construction Contractor. If so, the next question on my lips is "where?" Just because the Joint Venture needed German Authorization, doesn't seem to me to say that the actual projects involved have to be in Germany. Rumor has it in Europe, but I have to wonder if it would make more sense for LDK to be contracting out installs elsewhere. Don't know. We'll presumedly find out soon enough.

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I agree with you on the potential of LDK

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