Monday, March 23, 2009

LDK Leads the Pack for the day.

Wow, what a day. +22% for LDK, and pretty much every Solar was up well above the averages.

Ok, so it's a glimmer of hope in the midst of a very very long and painful battle. It's not over by a longshot.

I'll just say, IMO, that LDK is the top company out there at this time as far as fundamental productive capacity is concerned, and for once, short interest has not kept it hidden.

Without going too long about it, on nothing but the enthusiasm of a single good day, I'll just say the following.

LDK is either going to go to zero, or at some point it's going to rock and roll to the head of the industry. I don't think it's going to zero.

If you want a piece, take a piece, but know that margin is a very bad idea. This is not a friendly market, and margin will be used against you. Change is coming.

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