Friday, February 6, 2009

A Partial Rationale...

Ok, so here comes Mr. Peng and LDK. It moves up from $28 to $75 or so in three months. Mr. Peng at the start, was clearly not taking no for an answer, and he had very very big plans.

No matter what the little details, you just KNOW that "they" aren't just going to hand him, on a silver platter, near absolute control of the top company in this soon-to-be giant industry.

When I say "they," I don't just mean the usual suspects, like Shady Bankers, Brokers and Hedgies, nor the other batch of obvious suspects like Big Fossil and Big Nuclear. I'm also saying that "Big Solar" isn't on LDK's side, either.

You don't get the number one spot unless you can take on ALL comers, and that includes many of those that share your vision, but may be in competition with you.

In the end, it's not games involving shares of stock that will be the determining factor of whether LDK becomes that top company (with an corresponding share price), it will be the fundamentals; their plan, their implementation, and their perseverence even in the face of overwhelming resistance.


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