Monday, January 5, 2009

Who's going to sell LDK tomorrow?

LDK Warns.

Seems to me that the Short Sellers will Sell.

Frightened rabbits will Sell, also.

How far can they take it down? $10? $9? $7?

What news came out today? Well, it looks like LDK has over a Billion Dollars available as needed to continue developing over the next year. They've got lower, but still-existant margins at a time when many companies have fallen into the Red. They've got a small poly plant "in Production," and are firmly on the learning curve. They've got the biggest Solar Wafering operation in the World, and they're buying more capacity at rock bottom prices.

So, yeah, Traders will Sell, Shorts will sell, the same folks that Sell on Good News will Sell on this News, but for the most part, Investors know what they're holding. We'll take some punches tomorrow, but there's a Presentation coming out Wednesday and more details on their status. Meanwhile the moments tick towards a New Administration, and new priorities here in the US.

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