Wednesday, November 19, 2008

LDK's Power Problems - Q3 Conference Call - 11/19/08

This turned up a bit ago on the Yahoo Board, translated from a Chinese News release.

"Ma Hong substation put into operation on November 11, with a total investment of more than 200,000,000 yuan and Jiangxi by the West's power supply companies Ma Hong 220KV electricity substation officially put into operation. The substation building will not only put into operation an effective solution to the economic development zone Xinyu capacity than the set too low, as well as to meet the Zevi LDK Solar Company's business, such as demand for electricity has greatly improved the reliability and quality of power supply, The grid structure of the more reasonable, safe and reliable."

Here's the Conference call of 11/19/08 transcript where Mr. Peng says:

"During commissioning, we have encountered some issues on delivery of equipment for the sub power station."

Sarno reiterated this elsewhere.

So, it looks like there's one known problem, and one problem solved.

Also, remember LDK signing a contract with ABB for Electrical Services:

Thinking about it, making poly is a very precision electrical process. It's not something you're going to really succeed at with dirty power from ye ole' power plant. If they hit a roadblock here, it could very well have stopped all progress. By the news, though, it looks like this might have been cleared up.

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