Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunways - LDK - GT Solar - Relationships - 8/26/08

In the news today, LDK was dominated by a statement from Sunways AG.

This clears up a couple of things about LDK's Poly Plant Plans.

For one, it clears up any confusion about the reactor make-up for the 1000 Ton Poly Plant. It had previously been unclear whether the 1000 Ton Plant was being supplied with Reactors by GT Solar, Sunways, MSA, or a combination of all three.

It now appears that the 1000 Ton Plant is solely under the perview of Sunways, and all the Reactors appear to be supplied by MSA of Germany.

Per the article, there is indication of some delays in the LDK project, due to weather-related supply disruptions. In addition to this, however, there was some added certainty as to the timing of the 1000 Ton Plant in terms of Implementation.

Per Sunways, the first two 125 Ton/Year Reactors are to be put into production in Late September to Early October. In addition, the plant is to be Completed by End of 2008 or Early January 2009. Based on this, though, I have to wonder what the present status is of the initial 2 MSA Reactors recieved from Sunways. The possibility that they are presently in "test," and producing "test" amounts of Poly is a critical one.

In other news, GT Solar has announced Q2 Earnings today. I've left some notes here. In the CC, GT stated that they had Reactors ready for Delivery to LDK, and LDK was next on the list for Delivery. They also stated that they expected to realize no revenues from poly Reactors for the remainder of the year, which suggests that per plan there will be no poly production from the LDK relationship this year. That's ok, we didn't expect any production from the Large Poly Plant this year.

Well, that's the news for today, and now it's bedtime. :)

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Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, are you living in Europe?


D Pickard said...

Nope. I'm in the US.