Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yahoo Finance has SOLR page up and running.

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I'm thinking that it's a Strong Buy, though it is complicated by its relationship with LDK Solar. See GT Solar, from an LDK Long's Perspective.

Do your own DD, and be prepared for suprises.

Edit: Note to GT Solar Investors.

If you are interested in SOLR, then you need to check out LDK Solar, as they are closely connected. LDK is GT's biggest customer, both in PV Equipment and in Polysilicon Manufacturing Equipment.

Buy and Hold. Do not expect immediate returns. LDK is under continued Short Attack, the rationale for which is based on their future ability to manufacture Polysilicon (using GT Solar's Equipment and Support (see link, above)).

Don't let them shake you out if they drive it down. Look at the Fundamentals and the Growth of this company, and you'll see that it is incredibly cheap. When it breaks, it will break big. They won't announce that moment beforehand, so just sit tight on some shares, preferably in a Cash or 401k Account.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and I'll give my take. However, note that your decisions are your own responsibility and your own risk. I'm not a pro, I've just made a particular study of this company and industry for quite some time. Everything I say could be completely and utterly wrong. Do your own DD.

Here's a link to my LDK Tag, which contains about everything I've ever written about LDK.

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