Saturday, June 28, 2008

Monday's News, on Saturday... LDK, CSIQ.

China2double of Yahoo seems to have just broken some news on LDK.

It's not on the wires as of yet, and it's dated June 30. It's not even publicly linked to yet by LDK.

It can be reached by visiting LDK's previous news story, and changing the date in the URL from 6-19-08 to 6-30-08.

If you're not familiar with LDK, here's their most recent Annual Report, and here's a recent Powerpoint Presentation that describes their business and Q1 Results.

I won't make a conclusion as to how this will play out, but it's definately an interesting twist. It's not too often that the retail investor gets the news before the institution.

EDIT: LDK has now posted the link.

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