Wednesday, April 23, 2008

'Cramer told caller Chris in Georgia that he would stay out of China energy companies such as Suntech Power, LDK Solar and Trina Solar.

"We are not playing with any of these," Cramer said. "We are staying out of China. We're going to keep out of China until we think that market has finally bottomed, and it hasn't."'

I see this position from Cramer, and I think, "what an ass."

Maybe he's not "playing with" them right now, but even if not, he knows that somebody is, and he probably knows who it is. Short interest on LDK has increased to over 2 Million short shares. It's outrageous manipulation. Ah well, when Cramer and/or his buddies decide that it's time to pull out of that short position, then all Hell is going to break loose.

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1 comment:

zapada said...

I wouldn't take Cramer too seriously. FSLR is nothing but hot air right now, especially with their ever shrinking supplies of CdTe and its toxicity.

On a more positive note, there's a local Canadian PV company I've been following for a few weeks now that claims they will be producing more efficient thin film PV wafers than FSLR with their proprietary silicon purification process. It's called ARISE (APV on TSX) and their website is: