Monday, January 7, 2008

The LDK Crucible Deal.

LDK Solar Acquires Minority Stake in Sinoma Crucible

I first read this this morning, and it didn't make a great impression. Apparently it didn't make much of an impression on other investors, either.

It was quite a terrible day for Solar.

I've regained my strength, though, and am ready to go on.

There will be terrible weeks and days in alt-energy investing. The principles that guide me remain intact, though, and I know that no matter how some would like to give the impression that the Solar Industry is collapsing, they are just playing games for their own benefit. Shaking the market for shares.

'Nuff said.

Back to the crucibles, I think it can honestly be said that the news wouldn't make a great impression to American Investors, because they don't have a clear idea of how the process works, and how critical the crucibles are to LDK's business, or maybe if they do know the generalities, they don't get the scale of what's going on at LDK.

It strikes me that there are several possible extensions of this piece of news.

First though, a number. 80,000 Crucibles per year are to be produced by Sinoma. I don't know how much silicon a single crucible is equal to, but links on the Yahoo board suggest the possibility of 250 - 450Kg. I'm not going to guess an actual number, but if this company is making 80,000 Crucibles in 2008, and a significant percentage of them go to LDK's ramp-up, than that speaks volumes to LDK's planned production capacity.

I think I'm going to have to stop on this thought. I have other pressing work to do.

Here's a link from that I hadn't seen before. It has pictures of Ingots, as well as basic details on current R&D. WOW!


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